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a place for Gen-Xers and Millennials to go for financial education, empowerment, and encouragement

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Hi.  I'm Sean Rogers, CFP®, founder of Capital Stewardship Partners.  If you don't know about me or the firm yet, please check us out on our website.

This project is dedicated to my boys, Colin and Carter - I pray that you will have the courage to always do the right thing no matter what it costs.

What is Catalyst En Masse?

Short Version

The short version of the story is that Catalyst is a place for motivated Gen-Xers and Millennials to go for financial education, empowerment, and encouragement. It is a community of like-minded people with similar interests and questions combined with articles, videos, tutorials, checklists, and even courses related to creating and managing a personalized financial plan over time.

Long Version

For a longer version of what Catalyst is and insight on why we created it, click here.

Join Our Community

We are big believers in altruism, generosity, social capital, and the cause/effect relationship they have with reciprocity.  We want to provide education, empowerment, and encouragement to folks like you that are committed to gaining knowledge, insight, and ultimately reaching financial independence.  We are willing to do a lot of that for free.  Why?  Because it is the right thing to do and we believe that if we create enough value for enough people that opportunities to directly work with individuals and families seeking out our help will arise.

Candidly, you can visit my personal website and/or the firm website for a ton of high quality, no strings attached information.  In addition to having access to everything that you can find there, by joining our community you can also:

  • Have access to a community of like minded individuals that are in a similar season of life (our target audience are Gen X and Millennials - ages 25 - 55) that are thinking about and asking many of the same things that you are around personal finance.
  • Use our integrated platform for a single point of access to all of our thoughts, ideas, and content.
  • Access expanded commentary and conversation related to our articles, videos, podcasts, and other publicly available material.
  • [coming soon] Access to robust courses, tutorials, and tools related to creating and managing your personal financial plan over time.
  • Access our Ask Us Anything (AUA) forum to see what questions are being asked by our clients and how we are responding to them.
  • Receive preferred status for Podcast Q&A submitted to XY$Radio.
  • Receive Invite only access to exclusive events and meetups.
  • Access to private niche groups like the Capital Stewardship Book Club and more.

If you want more information or would like to speak to us directly before joining the community you can schedule a complimentary initial consultation by clicking here.

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